Karo Sambhav Plastic awareness program

SVV partnered with Karo Sambhav, an electronic waste PRO offering e-waste management solutions and EPR services in India, for another Community Outreach Program, focusing on effective e-waste management and collection drive in the neighbourhood. The PrePrimary, Primary and Middle school compartments pitched in to make a huge difference in the scenario of waste management and collection. The Principal Mrs. Rani Srinivasan was instrumental in the success of the program in the school.

PrePrimary students created on awareness on waste management and waste segregation at source with creative ideas in their assembly and dispersal presentations. Well-executed under the leadership of PrePrimary Coordinator Mrs. M Vijayalakshmi, the little messengers drove the message to parents. 

The Primary compartment did their best in various activities that involved creating awareness on waste segregation at source, reducing plastic usage, impact of e-waste disposal on climate conditions and safe disposal of e-waste. The presentations were organized by the Primary Coordinator  Mrs. Rekha.

The Middle schoolers pitched in vigorously for the program with presentations to parents during PTA meets, dispersal presentations, rally in the neighbourhood on e-waste management, etc. Pamphlets were distributed to parents during dispersal time on the program and children displayed their painting works related to the theme of waste management. The presentations were meticulously planned by Coordinator for MHS Mr. Prabhu Raj.

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